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8 Innovative Date Ideas to Pair With Your UKIES

by Gaurav Mehrotra September 15, 2016

8 Innovative Date Ideas to Pair With Your UKIES

Comfortable Date Night Heels

You don’t need a Prince Charming to help you find the perfect pair of UKIES. We know this. But say you’ve already found one - the prince andthe glass slipper, that is - where should you take them next? We’ve compiled 8 unique date ideas to show off your personality, your creative streak, and - naturally - your UKIES!

1. DIY Movie in the Park with the Audrey Quilted Flat
Watching a free movie in the park is a quintessential summer city activity, but it can get a little crowded when all the other couples start elbowing you for the best blanket spot. If you’re craving alone time with your love, pack a blanket, a baguette, a laptop, and a DVD, and set up your own little viewing station in a secluded corner of your favorite park. The Audrey flats will keep you stylish, iconic, and stable while walking across uneven grass. Bonus points for bringing boxed wine and remembering to charge your laptop.

2. Lindy Hop Dance Lessons with the Grace Mary Jane Flat
If you and your partner are down to jitterbug, you’ll want a cute, low-heeled shoe that won’t go flying off your Lindy Hopping feet. Enter the Grace flat, with double straps to keep it securely fastened onto your feet and an adorable silhouette reminiscent of the good old days. Where to find Lindy Hop lessons in your town? Google, my friend, with a splash of Yelp.

3. Library Roulette with the Jackie Kitten Heel
The Jackie kitten heel is both elegant and sexy at the same time - like its namesake, Jackie O, or like the Platonic ideal of a librarian. Right? Lead your date into the library stacks and give him ten minutes to pick out a book for you while you do the same for him. The deal: you have to read the other’s choice at some point in the next week and discuss over follow-up drinks.

4. Restaurant Hopping with the Isabella Kitten Heel
Think you don’t have the budget (or the appetite) to hit up all your favorite restaurants in one night? Skip the entrees and grab an appetizer or two at a handful of your go-to haunts, and try at least one new place. If you get tired of small plates, try cocktails and dessert at the bar. Of course, you’ll need an elegant shoe that just screams “date night,” since you’re essentially packing multiple dates into one evening. The chic, memorable Isabella - with its elevated ankle strap and low heel - is the perfect choice for sashaying past multiple maître d's in one night. 

5. People-Watching at the Opera with the Giselle Mary Jane Pump
The Giselle Mary Jane screams romance, and what’s more romantic than a night at the opera? A night watching opera-goers in their finery, that’s what. If you can’t get into the opera bar to sip champagne and ogle ball gowns during intermission, sit outside the opera house - perched picturesquely on a fountain, perhaps? - and speculate on the lives and times of the elegant attendees. Wine in a box would be tacky here, but champagne in a can? We won’t tell.

6. Drinks at the Botanical Gardens with the Marilyn Pump
Can you ever be surrounded by enough flowers? We think not, which is why our Marilyn pump in floral print would look even more gorgeous in the midst of your local botanical gardens. Most gardens have a little restaurant or bar that’s perfect for sipping rosé while the sun sets - one leg crossed over the other to show off your heels, of course - but if there’s no bar, take a walk around the gardens, anyway. With its nanoGel® technology, this pump is comfortable enough to carry you painlessly through the rose gardens and the water lilies.

7. High-End Drinks at a Dive Bar with the Angelina Platform Pump
Sometimes a girl just wants to go all out. Pair the stunning Angelina pump with a sparkly dress and a swipe of red lipstick, but - here’s the twist! - take your va-va-voom look to a dive bar that you’ve never tried before. You can order off the top shelf - Grey Goose martini, anyone? - and rest assured that it’ll be far cheaper than, you know, the fancier places. Plus, you can snuggle into a smoky corner and tell each other secrets.

8. Stargazing Lessons with the Meryl Open-toe Wedge
Wish you could read the night sky like a book? Check out oneminuteastronomer.com, which has plenty of free resources that’ll show you how to interpret the heavens. After doing a little research with your love on a shared computer, preferably while snacking on a cheese plate, slip on your Meryl wedges and go outside to put your knowledge to good use. Your feet will be so comfortable that you won’t have to look down to earth at all.

Get started finding your perfect pair of UKIES by browsing our collection of pumps!

Gaurav Mehrotra
Gaurav Mehrotra

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