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4 Myths About Women's Comfort Shoes

by Emma Hurst September 15, 2016

4 Myths About Women's Comfort Shoes

There are many myths and misconceptions about women's comfort shoes. Today's woman isn't willing to compromise the look that she's come to love for the sake of comfort, and she shouldn't have to. What most women don't realize is that they don't have to wait until retirement or sacrifice their identity in order to have a pair of comfortable shoes. Here are four busted myths about women's comfort shoes that will have you scrambling for a new pair of stylish, comfortable heels.

There are many myths about women's comfort shoes.

Style and Comfort Are Mutually Exclusive

The biggest misconception about women's comfort shoes is that they're ugly, and you'll be completely sacrificing style in favor of comfort. This couldn't be further from the truth. Advances in technology have made the creation of comfortable shoes for women a crowning achievement in fashion. UKIES are created with a patented nanoGel® design that drastically lessens the pressure on your feet, creating less stress, a higher level of comfort, and even a lower risk of foot problems. Added to these comfort factors is the style and elegance of European-inspired Italian leather shoes.

Women's Comfort Shoes Are Only for the Elderly

It's commonly said about comfortable shoes, that once social security kicks in, the stylish heels are history. While this may be the case in certain demographics, it's a choice, and there are now comfortable shoes that are worn by professionals and retirees alike on a daily basis. UKIES has 14 styles of shoes, many in two or more colors that are enjoyed by women of all ages. 


Women's Comfort Shoes Are Outrageously Expensive

While it's a fact that comfortable shoes are more expensive to make, they certainly don't need to break the bank. If you've been spending a good chunk of your paycheck on the latest Manolo Blahnik's or Christian Louboutin's, you'll be grateful to learn that a stylish pair of comfortable heels won't set you back the equivalent of a mortgage payment. It's true that you're not likely to find women's comfort shoes at the corner strip mall shoe store, yet UKIES are surprisingly affordable considering their superior quality.

Women's comfort shoes are for the young and young at heart.

Dr. Scholl's Are Your Only Option

When the phrase "women's comfort shoes" is used, many immediately think that they're left with just one choice - Dr. Scholl's. While the good Doctor's mass-produced comfort insoles and later footwear have done wonders for the sore feet of the world, there are other choices. Style issues aside, UKIES also have a cooling mechanism that is common on these and other comfort shoes. UKIES are constructed with a COOLMAX® layer that is antimicrobial. This layer of the shoes provides moisture wicking, keeping your feet cool and dry.

Now that those common myths have been dispelled, you're ready to grab a pair of the most comfortable and stylish shoes on the market. Take a look at UKIES pumps, wedges, and flats to find your favorite style and color!

Emma Hurst
Emma Hurst

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