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7 Amazing Shoe Hacks to Make Your High Heels Last Longer

by Gaurav Mehrotra September 15, 2016 4 Comments

7 Amazing Shoe Hacks to Make Your High Heels Last Longer


Once you’ve invested in a classic pair of leather heels, you want them to last for as long as possible. Sure, everyone has fun, trendy shoes that feel disposable—the cheap jelly sandals you picked up on a whim, the Vans slip-ons that you take on backpacking trips—but classic, neutral, well-shaped heels are different. They’re never going to go out of style, so it’s in your best interest to keep them happy and healthy for quite some time. Still, streets are dirty, rain is unpredictable, and soles wear down. What’s a heel-loving lady to do when her shoes start to look a little rough around the edges?
Keep ‘em clean
Leather heels should be wiped down regularly with a barely damp rag to keep them looking fresh and clean and to avoid any permanent staining. Make sure to ring out the rag carefully before using—you’re not trying to soak the shoe here. If you find a particularly tough scuff mark or stain, try gently scrubbing with the tiniest dab of baking soda, though you may want to spot-test first.
Make friends with a cobbler
If you’re serious about owning nice shoes (guilty!), it’s worth it to find a good local cobbler that you trust. “Cobbling” may seem like a career from another era, but cobblers still exist, and you probably live closer to one than you think. A trustworthy cobbler can work some serious magic on your heels, whether that means giving them a new sole, fixing a broken heel, or finding the perfect zipper to replace the one that you accidentally yanked out of the side of your boots.
Replace worn-down heels
You can take your stubby, scuffed heels to your new cobbler friend, of course, or you can try and hack it yourself. All you need are a pair of pliers, some heel-tip replacements (inexpensive—around $5), and a hammer. Get the DIY details over on Real Simple.
Stretch them out (if necessary)
If your new heels are pinching your feet—or your old ones got caught in a rainstorm and dried weird—put on a pair of heavy socks, slip on the heels, and wear them around the house for a while. The leather will gently stretch while you do the dishes or catch up on your favorite Netflix shows.
Be careful where you walk
If at all possible, try to avoid puddles, slush, or anything involving salt—the salt used to melt ice on the roads is terrible for leather. Bring a pair of back-up flats for dashing through inclement weather, or just learn to leap over puddles.
Dry them out carefully
If your leather heels get soaked anyway, don’t try to dry them in the sun—and definitely don’t blast them with a hair dryer. Leather needs to dry slowly and steadily in order to maintain its shape, so stuff your wet heels with newspaper and let your heels dry out evenly on their own.
Invest in a conditioner
You purchase nice conditioner for your hair, so why not for your favorite heels? There are plenty of shoe conditioners on the market, like the classic Leather Honey conditioner—it promises to protect new leather and rejuvenate old leather by softening it, moisturizing it, and promoting flexibility. It also gives shoes a protective water-repelling layer, which could prove invaluable if you get caught in a rainstorm during, say, a romantic kiss. (Always spot-test first!)
Gaurav Mehrotra
Gaurav Mehrotra

4 Responses

Ellen Whanson
Ellen Whanson

February 25, 2017

it was the best collection of the prom high heels shoes for girls. High Heel Pump Shoes 2017

Amanda Brantley
Amanda Brantley

November 09, 2015

These tips are great! I definitely plan on posting these in my bedroom/bathroom/closet somewhere to keep them handy to remind me how to keep my Ukies just like brand new!

The UKIES Team
The UKIES Team

October 08, 2015

Hi June, We are so glad that you found this information useful!! If there are any other topics you’d like to hear more about don’t hesitate to let us know :) We appreciate all feedback, but especially love when it’s positive!

June Robinson
June Robinson

October 07, 2015

I really appreciate this information on how to keep high heels last longer. I am 5’1", so I wear high heels a lot, and would like to keep them in good condition as long as possible. I like that this suggests finding a good shoe repairman to make shoes last longer. Thanks for the information! http://www.shoecrafters.com/index.html

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