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6 Tricks that Will Keep Your Feet Comfortable in High Heels

by Umesh Khaitan November 12, 2016

6 Tricks that Will Keep Your Feet Comfortable in High Heels

If you wear high heels often, you understand it can be hard to stay comfortable while wearing them. Traditional high heels are notorious for being the source of common foot problems, such as bunions and calluses. They make it all the more necessary to find ways to keep feet healthy and pain-free.

No shoe brand understands this better than us. This is why we have developed and implemented our patented nanoGel® technology into all of our shoe designs. Our collection of high heels will certainly give you comfort traditional heels won't. But there are some additional tricks you can apply to sustain painless feet. Check them out!

High heels
You can confidently wear high heels with an accurate shoe size measurement.

Know Your Shoe Size

Have you ever bought fashionable high heels just to find out later that there was too little or too much toe room? This kind of situation can lead to moments of clumsy walking, hard falls, and sharp pain. Avoid these issues by getting your exact shoe size measurement. Having your shoe size measured can help you make smart purchases. You won't have to waste money on heels that don't fit.

Choose High Heels With Buckles and Straps

High heels are typically harder to walk in than short ones. This is why wearing buckles and straps can come in handy. They give your feet added support, making foot pain less likely. Plus, they make feet more snug in shoes. Feet are less capable of moving around in them as a result. The pressure your feet endure can afford to be evened out more.

Stick With Leather Soles

Wearing plastic heels can be very hard on your soles. One's arches are forced to conform to them, which can be painful. Choose leather soles instead. Sure, they can be more costly, but they offer pliability. Their flexibility is better suited for walking. They are more equipped to conform to the natural shape of your feet.

High heels

Walking in high heels is different from other shoe types.

Walk Smart

Different shoe types call for different strides. How you walk in a pair of heels requires a different approach compared to tennis shoes. While walking in high heels, it's ideal to stand straight, in addition to using more of your hips and legs to move forward. Walk anywhere like you're strutting down a runway. It helps if you practice this at home to get a feel for things.

Keep Your High Heels in Good Shape

Keeping your shoes in shape allows for painless walking. This commitment may require you to head to a shoe repair shop. Long-term wear of heels can lead to lifted rubber and worn-out soles. Take your high heels to the shop if you spot these, as well as cracks or tears. And obviously, get another pair if you really need to -- just be sure to opt for comfortable heels!

Prevent Foot Pain With Proper Exercise and Stretches

Aim to keep your feet and legs strong with helpful exercises and stretches. One useful exercise requires a tennis ball. Place the ball on the ground, and set one of your feet on top of it. Begin rolling the ball up and down your sole for up to a minute. Switch between each foot repeatedly until you get the relief you need.

Turn to calf stretches to help alleviate tension. Extend your arms out against a wall. Place one leg forward near the wall while ensuring both feet are flat. Bend this leg's knee forward to stretch the other leg's calf. Hold for two seconds, and switch repeatedly for eight reps per leg.

Get the most out of your heels by utilizing these awesome tips. Your shoes will last longer because of them. Plus, you'll be less susceptible to foot problems and more comfortable. 

Umesh Khaitan
Umesh Khaitan

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