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5 Reasons Your UKIES Shoes Are Practically as High-Tech as Your Smartphone 

by Gaurav Mehrotra September 15, 2016 1 Comment

5 Reasons Your UKIES Shoes Are Practically as High-Tech as Your Smartphone 


We live in an intelligent world: our fridges remind us to buy milk, our security systems control our air conditioning units, our watches have built-in alarms, and our phones do it all. With all this emphasis on double-duty technology, why settle for shoes that just sitthere? Our new comfort shoe line has been carefully constructed with fashion-forward engineering, so that each heel does a lot more than just keep your foot encased in leather. In fact, our line comes with so many high-tech perks that you might just find yourself trying to take a selfie with your shoe. (The proper hashtag is #shoefie, in case you were wondering.)


  1. Our shock-absorbing nanoGel® design means you’ll be walking on sunshine.

Real talk: most heels hurt. Bad.We wanted to avoid all that nonsense, so we put a shock-absorbing layer inside each shoe that just so happens to be made from the same material found in football helmets. You can run, you can hop, you can dance—and you can rest assured that your feet are protected with NFL-level technology.


  1. The simple act of walking activates the nanoGel®.

You don’t have to turn these shoes on, off, or put them in airplane mode to get their full affects. Just slip them on and take off—your body weight will activate the nanoGel® layer, which will begin to absorb the ground impact from walking. Bonus: the material also helps to redistribute pressure, so you won’t find your heels or toes aching.


  1. The layer of anti-microbial fabric helps your shoes stay hygienic.

You might not think of heels as capable of collecting sweat and bacteria like, say, sneakers do—but trust us, heels can get grody. With that in mind, we added a layer of the same 100% anti-microbial fabric that’s found in high-end athletic shoes, so you can dash from meeting to meeting without worrying about your feet getting hot and damp.


  1. We’re using science to keep your feet in place.

Stop slipping and sliding around in a pair of cheap heels that don’t fit you right. We’ve constructed our shoes with built-in arch support, moisture-wicking fabric, and our beloved nanoGel® technology to keep your feet from sliding forward inside the heel. These shoes were made for power-walking.


  1. Our leather wants to get to know you.

Each UKIES shoe is made from luxurious Italian leather that’s basically the shoe equivalent of your phone’s passcode. Over time, the leather will mold more and more to your feet, giving you a customized fit—and ensuring that only you can access these high-tech heels. Find your perfect pair of pumps today!

Gaurav Mehrotra
Gaurav Mehrotra

1 Response

Ligia Cunningham
Ligia Cunningham

November 16, 2015

My UKIES and my IPhone 6+ are two things I can’t live without…Two best companions to all my business trips!

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