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8 Fun, Surprising, and Fashionable Facts about High Heels

by Emma Hurst December 08, 2016

8 Fun, Surprising, and Fashionable Facts about High Heels

The fierce design of high heels has made them a fashion staple for women. The added height, compared to flats or kitten heels, elongates the legs and commands attention. You might have a favorite pair of high heels you love wearing from time to time. But do you know who brought this beloved shoe to life?

Chances are you may not know the origin of high heels. These shoes evolved from an unusual (yet captivating!) start. Let's explore the history behind the shoe with eight facts below.

The Beginning of High Heels

It's widely believed that high heels for women came to be with the help of Catherine de Medici. She was a 16th-century Italian noblewoman with a short stature. Ms. Medici wanted to make a statement in high heels during her wedding to the future King Henry in France. As you can see, these are a classic representation of power that Medici couldn't deny.

Fast forward to the 1950s, when Roger-Henri Vivier graced us with the possibly repopularized stiletto heel. The history of high heels continues to get more interesting.

Women Weren't the First to Wear Them

Even though it's hard to believe, women weren't the first to strut in high heels. They were first worn by men in the 16th century. And this wasn't a practice of mobility - this was about nobility. Men were fascinated with exuding authority by wearing this high-end fashion. Back then, the high heel was a symbol of class, privilege, and power. And things haven't changed.

For example, King Louis XIV of France is depicted wearing high, red-heeled shoes in a painting that was on display at the Brooklyn Museum in New York. It was included in an exhibition dedicated to high heels.

High heels

Now, for Some Not-so-Fun News

Although the beauty and class of high heels are enticing, they can be painful to wear. Unfortunately, the ugly side of high heels is hard to avoid with most of them. For example, every inch of heel height can add 25 percent more weight to the ball of your foot. So, if you're wearing four-inch stilettos, you may be supporting most of your body weight on your tippy-toes. Doesn't sound fun, right?

Each inch increasingly forces your toes into the sole of your shoe as your feet slip forward. This generates a burning sensation, which is actually heat from added pressure and friction. Calluses can follow.

Not to mention, running in this shoe might lead to knee arthritis, according to an October 2013 study by the International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology.

How UKIES can Help

Fortunately, UKIES can ease the pain and increase the pleasure. This is thanks to our patented nanoGel® technology. It consists of two comfort-inducing layers. One layer absorbs the shock from walking, and the second layer redistributes foot pressure. Wearing our selection of high heels provides your feet with long-lasting protection. In other words, you can worry less about pain, calluses, and knee arthritis. Enjoy happy legs and feet instead.

Get started now and shop all pumps to find some heels that make your life easier. We have a variety of fashion-forward styles you will love.
Emma Hurst
Emma Hurst

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