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Beautiful Booties: What's Behind the Latest Footwear Trend

by Neletha Skelton November 21, 2016

Beautiful Booties: What's Behind the Latest Footwear Trend

If you're like many women, you have at least one pair of ankle boots stored in your closet that you love to pull out when fall arrives. Ankle boots are the perfect style solution: they keep your feet warm during the cooler weather while showing off a polished look. Not to mention, these boots are classic and versatile, so it's no surprise they have grown in popularity.

Many women turn to ankle boots for these reasons, apart from the fact that they will never go out of style. Let's take a deeper look at why ankle boots - including the comfortable boots we offer - are perfect to wear in autumn.


Perfect Fall Boots

Ankle boots provide beauty without bulk - the kind of bulk you're likely accustomed to with winter boots. This makes them the perfect fall footwear option. You don't have to worry about dragging around big, clunky bottom soles when wearing ankle boots, giving you the ability to walk with less restriction and more style.

Style Versatility

Ankle boots come in so many beautiful styles and can be worn in countless ways. You can find gorgeous ankle boots made with any number of alluring fabrics, designs, embellishments, heel sizes, colors, and more. Rock these boots when wearing blouses, dresses, or even feminine tuxedos for a dressed up look.

On the other hand, ankle boots also pair well with denim jeans, crop tops, and leather jackets. You can't go wrong with them in and out of the workplace! Wear these boots to business meetings or to dinner dates -- your options are endless. Our comfortable boots make tackling these events even easier.


Comfortable boots

Durability in Design

Ankle boots provide the kind of durability that can keep up with the complex nature of autumn -- and the rainy weather. They provide better protection from the elements than regular high heels, keeping your feet warm and dry when the weather isn't cooperating. Wearing our comfortable boots will offer your feet security and satisfaction.

UKIES Does it Better

With UKIES, you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style. UKIES patented nanoGel® technology makes our ankle boots some of the most comfortable on the market. This unique technology is incorporated into each one of our shoes, in a dual-layer design. One layer absorbs impact as you walk, making your stride more comfortable. The other layer redistributes foot pressure evenly.

As a result, you'll put less stress on your legs and your feet will stay comfortable. Who wouldn't want that? Not to mention, we utilize 100 percent antimicrobial Coolmax® fabric to keep your feet dry, cool, and odorless.

What's not to love about stylish, comfortable boots? We have a special collection of ankle boots designed with fashionable heels and wedges. Speaking of the latter, shop all booties to find a pair that fits you perfectly.
Neletha Skelton
Neletha Skelton

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