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Can Comfortable Heels Actually Enhance Your Productivity?

by Umesh Khaitan November 12, 2016

Can Comfortable Heels Actually Enhance Your Productivity?

A chic pair of heels is a popular fashion choice. These shoes ignite a sense of authority in women. As a result, women feel attractive and confident in the workplace as well as outside of it. But high heels are also a source of foot problems. In fact, 90 percent of foot problems are attributed to bad shoes, and poorly designed heels definitely fit into this category.

Heels typically aren't designed to properly support feet. From nerve pain to bunions, many women's feet suffer disfigurements that interfere with productivity. On the other hand, life doesn't just stop so the health of your feet can catch up with its demands. Find out how foot problems hamper productivity and how UKIES can put them to rest.

Comfortable heels

Poor shoe-wearing habits lead to multiple long-term foot problems.

Common Sources of Foot Pain

Foot pain from wearing heels is commonly experienced in a handful of ways. They consist of bunions, hammer toes, calluses, corns, and Morton's neuroma. Bunions are bumps that occur where the big toe joins the foot. They arise from the extensive pressure put on feet when walking in heels. Hammer toes are toes that curl downward tightly. It's easy to experience this when regularly wearing closed-toed heels.

Calluses and corns appear as thickened skin of the feet. The constant rubbing heels do on the feet create friction that toughens skin. Morton's neuroma is pain between the third and fourth toes. Wearing pointed-toe heels usually offer more room for bigger toes than smaller toes. As a result, smaller toes endure more pain.

How Foot Problems Hamper Productivity

Foot problems hamper productivity by decreasing one's amount of mobility. It becomes harder to walk or run from one place to another. Also, the pain that stems from these issues can be very distracting emotionally and physically. It's difficult to give your undivided attention to handling business emails or phone calls in the office when your feet hurt immensely.

This can put you in a bad mood. The daily commute to and from work becomes more stressful. Keeping up with tasks outside the workplace is also more challenging. You may have less energy to keep your house tidy and run errands. Sitting out movies with friends or date nights can become more common. All of these situations call for a pair of more comfortable heels.

Comfortable heels

It's important to understand the natural structure and function of feet for proper self-care.

Understand the Nature of Your Feet

Understanding the natural design and movement of your feet can help you wear heels better. Of course, all feet aren't shaped the same. Some women have soles with sharply defined arches while others have really flat soles. Some women have small, chubby toes while others have longer, more narrow ones. It's necessary to choose heels that complement the kind of feet you have. UKIES can help you do just that.

Experience the Difference With UKIES Heels

UKIES is well-established with comfortable heels you can walk in. Our patented nanoGel® technology is equipped to support every area of your soles. The reduced pressure that you can experience with our heels will help you stay productive longer. This stems from the wonderful, shock-absorbing material we use. Comfortable heels are the way to go to avoid foot problems, such as nerve pain from excessive pressure. You can enjoy more activities in and out of the workplace as a result.

Even though foot problems are commonplace, you don't have to sacrifice wearing stylish heels. We are dedicated to helping you look your best while feeling great with our comfortable line of stylish shoes. And we want you to stay productive with tasks that add value to your life. If you're ready to get the comfort you deserve and protect your feet from potential problems, shop all pumps now!

Umesh Khaitan
Umesh Khaitan

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