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Comfortable Party Heels Do Exist

by Kavita Khaitan August 26, 2017 1 Comment

Comfortable Party Heels Do Exist

Every party loving girl has wished that high heeled evening shoes could also be comfortable. We had written it off as one of those things that was just never going to happen, as if party heels and comfort couldn’t possibly go together in one sentence. But we’re here to tell you that comfortable heels for dancing the night away do exist.

In every woman’s life there are occasions where we stand in our wardrobes trying to decide between two pairs of shoes, sensible flats or a stylish pair of high heels. A night on the town with the girls seems perfect for party heels, but as we all know come 2am the walk to the taxi stand can be very painful.

We’ve all experienced that sensation when you stop dancing after a few fun hours and suddenly the agony of painful high heels strikes, and of course, there are no chairs to be found! It’s a cringe worthy moment if you need to take off your evening shoes and carry them, ruining your sartorial style.

We’ve all tried to make bad shoes work, covering our feet in plasters in preparation for a big night or having to choose our handbag because it’s the big one which fits that spare pair of flats.  If you ever tried using rubber inserts to combat party feet fatigue you’ll know they just lead to hot sweaty feet and are prone to causing blisters.

Typical party heels just aren’t worth the pain or money, these cheap uncomfortable shoes are usually worn once and never again after one bad night out.

When you’ve had a bad experience partying in high heeled evening shoes it’s tempting to opt for casual footwear or ballet flats. But when your friends all arrive in stylish high heels it’s easy to be envious and regret the decision to opt for comfort over style.

Luckily, Ukies heels use patented nanoGel® technology to solve the issue for us so we never need to choose between comfort and style again. The special technology helps redistribute foot pressure while the other layer absorbs shocks from outside during walking, or dancing! These are comfortable heels for dancing which have been designed like sports shoes.

These comfortable high heels are perfect for parties as they offer both style and comfort so you can dance the night away without even thinking about your feet. Anti-microbial Coolmax® lining keeps your feet odorless, cool and dry so you can keep your party heels feeling and smelling their best after every wear.

Unlike other heels these Ukies party shoes will take you from one event to another, they won’t be relegated to the back of the wardrobe as a regret purchase. Here’s our pick of the most comfortable heels for dancing.

Top three comfortable evening shoes:

  1. The Phyllis in Nude Patent

This wear with anything kitten heel is just the right height for dancing and the metallic pewter is the color that’s perfect for any party. The practical kitten heel is coming back into fashion as the must have shoe style of the year. A metallic heel teams perfectly with a little black dress, sequined top or even jeans for a more casual look. As a bonus tip, a pointed closed toe will protect you from any dance partners who may suffer from two left feet!

  1. The Tutu- Light Gold Snake Nappa

The Tutu is a comfortable high heeled sandal that offers a bit more height if you’re looking to make more of an impact. The gold metallic snake skin is eye-catching making this a real statement shoe, while the ankle strap provides security so you can confidently own the dance floor like a ballerina, even with the 5-inch platform. These are the evening shoes that are so comfortable you’ll want to wear them every day.

  1. The Mariah - Navy Nappa

A classic nude or beige pump is the go-to shoe for any classy dancing occasion such as a wedding. The Mariah in Navy Pearl Nappa is the perfect match to floral dresses or pretty pastels and a sturdy block heel offers comfort enough so that even a bride could stand or dance in these heels all day. A beige pump is versatile and this is the ideal choice if you’re going straight from work to an evening out – or if you’re a true party girl you might be heading from the dance floor straight to the office!

If you want to enjoy a night out without worrying about your feet hurting then its worth investing in comfortable heels. We all know the value of a classic little black dress and a classic party heel is just important. These wardrobe staples are reliable for any evening event, a pair of comfortable party heels is essential in every girl’s life.

Kavita Khaitan
Kavita Khaitan

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September 05, 2017

Really love the gold sandals here

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