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Expert Interview Series: Jenn Haskin of Hello Rigby on Finding the Perfect Shoes

by Umesh Khaitan November 12, 2016

Expert Interview Series: Jenn Haskin of Hello Rigby on Finding the Perfect Shoes

Jenn Haskins is a Seattle-based fashion and beauty blogger at Hello Rigby, where she shares affordable outfit ideas and attainable makeup looks.

Here she shares about some of her favorite looks right now and dishes on finding the perfect pair of shoes.

Tell us about Hello Rigby. How did you become so passionate about beauty and style?

I originally started Hello Rigby to entertain myself when my significant other got together with friends to play video games. He had a time-consuming hobby, so I needed one too! I initially wrote about my Shiba Inu, Rigby, hence the name of the blog. Through writing and lots of experimentation, I discovered my love for sharing affordable fashion, makeup looks that most anyone can recreate, and lifestyle content that my readers could relate to.

What's your definition of "chic" fashion?

To me, looking chic is really all about your confidence. Wearing any outfit with a smile and your best foot forward is chic!

Why is it important to you to find affordable fashion?

My parents taught me the value of money from a young age, so I've always been frugal when it comes to spending it. Quality is important, but so is having enough money to do other things I love like traveling, trying new restaurants and saving for a house. I enjoy luxury items, but I make sure they're absolutely perfect for me before purchasing, and if they're on sale it's even better!

What fashion trends are you loving right now?

I'm all about fall fashion right now! I'm so happy that oxblood is back this year, and I'm looking forward to finding the perfect suede jacket to add to my fall staples (plaid, ankle boots and long sleeve dresses).

What are your favorite looks that mix comfort and style right now?

I can't stop wearing my denim jacket with dresses this summer. I love the pairing because it keeps me warm at the office (air conditioning problems!) and transitions easily to a night out with friends.

What pieces do you think every women should include in their wardrobe?

Every woman should own a jacket that fits them perfectly (I prefer a moto jacket), a dress they feel fabulous in and a pair of heels that are comfortable enough to wear for a few hours but are still fashionable. A great pair of ankle boots, a statement piece of jewelry, and a pair of jeans that fit you like a glove are other pieces I think are critical in every wardrobe!

What are your least favorite shoe trends right now?

I have yet to meet a shoe trend that I totally despise, but I have seen a few that I don't think are right for me. I love the sneaker trend, but many of them are kind of bulky or heavy looking on my short frame. I also love the look of flatforms on others yet haven't added a pair to my closet (yet).

When it comes to shoes, when is it wise to steer clear of the cheapest option? What types of shoes should we avoid?

When I'm unsure of a trendy shoe, I often will buy a cheap version first to see if I like the style. When they wear out (because often I find they don't last more than a month or two) I'll replace them with a higher quality version. When you're buying a closet staple like an ankle boot, riding boot, or black pump, I think it's best to find the highest quality for the price that you feel comfortable paying. You're going to keep it in your closet forever, so you might as well spend the money now so you don't have to replace it.

What has been one of your biggest footwear regrets or mistakes?

I think my biggest mistake was not investing in quality, comfortable shoes that fit correctly when I was younger. I had a retail job in high school where I had to stand for eight-plus hours and I now have the tailor's bunion to show for it.

How do you approach shopping for comfortable and stylish shoes?

When I'm shopping for a pair of specific pair of shoes for an event or particular outfit, I do a lot of window shopping at the mall and try on many options. If I can't find what I want in store, I'll often seek out retail stores with online presences that allow for easy returns in case the shoes that I like don't end up working out. Often this ends up in a lot of returns, but ultimately I'll end up with an amazing pair of shoes to show for it.

Photo by Michelle Moore

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Umesh Khaitan
Umesh Khaitan

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