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Healthy and Happy: 4 Tips for Protecting Your Feet

by Umesh Khaitan November 12, 2016

Healthy and Happy: 4 Tips for Protecting Your Feet

Comfortable heels

If your feet could talk, what would they say to you? Would you hear them complain about that time you strolled outside without any shoes? You were looking to feel the green grass tickle the bottom of your feet as you played with your dog in the backyard. But you also encountered some tree branches, leaving your heels and toes with a few scrapes.

Or perhaps they may even talk about the time you noticed some of your toenails were discolored, but you just covered them with pink nail polish. The fancy polish didn't stop your toenails from chipping badly. Whether or not you have encountered scenarios such as these, it's important that you understand how to protect your feet.

Wearing UKIES' comfortable heels are just a part of the equation. Besides saving time and money, you can save yourself from the pain of unhappy feet. Here's how!

Keep an Eye on Them

Inspect your feet for any problems. Give yourself an exam once a week when you take a shower or bath. If you have any scaling or peeling going on with your feet, that could be a sign of athlete's foot. If you find that your toenails are discolored, this could be a sign of nail fungus.

In this case, don't just cover your toenails with a pretty color of nail polish. Make a visit with your doctor, or see a foot specialist to get help for discolored toenails as well as any other unusual conditions.

This tip is especially important if you are diabetic. It would be better to inspect your feet every day since diabetes can lead to foot sores and infections. Get this taken care of before you step in a pair of our comfortable heels.

Keep Them Clean and Dry

Practice good hygiene. Use soap and water to thoroughly clean your feet when you bathe. Dry them completely when you're done washing. Make sure you get in between each toe with your drying towel.

It's not exactly enough to just let your feet get wet and then air-dry them. Besides not adequately getting rid of bacteria, leaving excess water on your feet can lead to a fungal infection. Fungal organisms thrive on moisture.

You may also want to invest in special foot care products, like scrubs and brushes, to get the job done. With clean and dry feet, you'll be ready to sport comfortable heels wherever life takes you!

Keep Them Safe

Make safety a priority for the health and wellness of your feet. Inspect your front and back yards for objects that could harm your feet, and get rid of them before walking barefoot in these areas. Or just put on a pair of flip-flops. Before walking barefoot anywhere appropriate, like the beach, check your feet for wounds that could get infected.

On a different note, practice pedicure safety. When doing them yourself, avoid sharing your products, like nail polish, with others. This can transmit harmful bacteria. Keep your pedicure tools clean and functional.

If you have salon pedicures, read customer reviews of that salon beforehand to make sure it provides professional service. Too many bad reviews is a red flag.

Comfortable heels

Strut in a pair of our comfortable heels to keep stressful walking at bay.

Keep Them Comfortable

Wear the right shoes for the right occasions. When it comes to the right shoes, UKIES has you covered. Our heels are designed with our patented nanoGel® technology to give your feet the comfort that no other shoes provide.

This technology helps absorb shock from walking and evenly distributes pressure throughout our comfortable heels. Strut your stuff in our heels, and experience painless walking like you never have before.

As for wearing shoes in the right ways, align your strut with the type of shoes you sport. Rocking high heels requires longer strides than low heels. Also, pair your comfortable heels with the right kind of weather. Opt for lower ones when it's raining, for example.

There you have it! Understand that there's more to having happy and healthy feet than wearing comfortable shoes. Treat your feet with proper care, and they'll thank you -- instead of complaining. Go ahead and shop all pumps to find a beautiful pair of comfortable heels for yourself!

Umesh Khaitan
Umesh Khaitan

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