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How To Buy Shoes In A Black Friday Sale

by Amanda Haxton November 20, 2017

How To Buy Shoes In A Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is approaching, and while there are many bargains available on this day, it’s also easy to get caught up in ‘sale frenzy’ and make purchases you regret.

When purchasing shoes, or any other items on Black Friday, it pays off to plan and do some careful research and consideration. Here are our top tips for getting the shoes you want this Black Friday.

Get Organized:

Start by making a list of items that you need to purchase, rank these by most expensive to least expensive. This will help you prioritize the items which would benefit most from a significant discount.

Making a list in advance stops you from making impulse decisions that you might regret. When it comes to shoes, grabbing cheap high heels on sale in styles that will hurt your feet is a mistake we have all made. These shoes end up in the back of your closet never worn, and while they may have been on sale, you won’t get the use out of them and will have actually wasted money. Make sure the shoes on your list are classic, timeless and designed for comfort like UKIES shoes.

Start Shopping Before Black Friday:

If these items are from a specific store, look now, and every few days up until Black Friday, to see if the items go on sale early. More and more retailers, like UKIES, have their sales up early.

You should also note the original price of the item and make sure that any discounted prices show the same original price, ensuring you are not being hoodwinked into thinking a bargain is better than it really is.

Due Diligence:

If you’re planning to buy shoes, make sure you have scouted the pair you want ahead of time. Check that you know your size, and measure in advance.

Have a backup plan, if the style you really want sells out have your second choice ready, and your measurements to hand.

What Are The Best Shoes To Buy On Black Friday?

Boots! Black Friday is an excellent time to buy winter boots on sale, as you will still have most of the season ahead of you to make the most of a current style.

3 Styles On Sale Now:

Monica - Espresso Nappa

Stand tall in the Monica mid-shaft leather bootie. A smooth nappa upper paired with stitched leather detailing gives these booties just the right amount of detail to set them apart. In rich classic colors, these booties are a staple in your fall wardrobe.

Maureen - Black Suede or Grey Suede

Prepare for the cooler temperatures in style with the Maureen bootie. A stable and sturdy wedge is the ideal companion for being on your feet from day to night. The cozy fur lining will keep you toasty warm all season long.



Amanda Haxton
Amanda Haxton

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