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How To Match On Trend Tights To Your Shoes

by Amanda Haxton December 17, 2017

How To Match On Trend Tights To Your Shoes

Tights, stockings, hosiery, socks… whichever style you like, legwear is the perfect match for a gorgeous pair of shoes.

Winter is here, and so are gorgeous tight styles to match your favorite shoes.

Depending on your climate tights can be worn form Autumn through to Spring, and a badly chosen pair of tights can ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes.

Every year different styles of hosiery come and go, some styles remain classic, while other trends are worth trying out if you’re brave.

Here’s our guide matching your tights to your shoes:

The Trend: Spots & Dots – Polka Dot Tights

The Shoes: Black Mary Janes, Black Pumps, Black Ballet Flats

Spots and dots are a hot trend for Winter and have been seen on the legs of Julia Roberts. Polka dot tights, either on opaque’s or fishnets are a statement style which should be paired with a simple outfit and classic black shoe styles such as pumps or ballet flats to avoid looking too busy or juvenile.

The Trend: Fishnet Tights

The Shoes: Sneaker Boots, Black Pumps

Fishnets have been, and continue to be, a huge trend. Fashionistas like Kendal Jenner and the Hadid sisters kicked off the revival of the large loose weave fishnet, and have been wearing the style not only with skirts but also under ripped jeans. Some runways have even seen fishnet tights being layered on top of each other. This is a tricky trend to pull off, but if you have the right attitude and confidence you can master the style of the season.

Try a stylish sneaker boot if you’re trying this look with jeans, or a classic black pump if pairing with a skirt or dress.

The Trend: Wool Tights

The Shoes: Boots

Wool tights used to just be seen in the uniforms of school girls in cold climates, or on women who refused to wear trousers in the snow. But Mulberry sent flecked chunky wool tights down the runway this year, and overnight a trend was born.

The Trend: Block Color Tights

The Shoes: Heels in matching hues

The 80’s are back, and block-color tights are back with them. Bright colors can be so fun and really brighten up the dark winter days. But, it’s very important to try this trend carefully to avoid looking like a circus clown. Choose a color that is blocked with your outfit and doesn’t stand apart as the showstopper. So pair a red coat with red tights and red shoes, or shoes which coordinate with another element of your outfit.

The Trend: Embellished Tights

The Shoes: Black Boots or Pumps

Embellished everything has been a strong trend for the past six months, so it’s no wonder that it has made its way onto tights. This is a very pretty trend and adds a touch of glam fun to any outfit, especially around the festive season. Pair with simple chic black boots or pumps so the tights can really shine.

The Classics:

Semi-sheer tights in nude or black make a classic combination to chic suits and formal office wear. Sometimes it’s okay to play it safe when safe has stood the test of time. Just watch out for nude tights that don’t quite match your skin tone, which will ruin your sartorial style!

Amanda Haxton
Amanda Haxton

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