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How to Rock Brightly-Colored Tights

by Neletha Skelton February 02, 2017

How to Rock Brightly-Colored Tights

If you're like many women, chances are you own a pair (or several) of black tights. Black tights are simple, classic, and versatile. You can dress them up for a business meeting or a dinner date. You can dress them down for a weekend party.

Black tights also add an air of sophistication to your wardrobe during the winter months. They make getting through this drab, colder season less of a hassle. But sometimes you simply need a little bit of color in your life to brighten things up.

Take note of singer Taylor Swift. She loves strutting her stuff in brightly colored tights, and she looks good in them. You can too! With a pair of classic black pumps, for example, you can look just as sophisticated in your brightly colored tights as you do in your black tights.

Benefits of Wearing Brightly Colored Tights

What is it about brightly colored tights that make them so attractive for the winter? Wearing them makes you look fashion-forward and optimistic about spring's arrival. These tights provide a much-needed a pop of color, making winter fashion less dull.

Brightly colored tights are like a ray of sunshine on a cold, bleak day. They give off a vibe of warmth and friendliness. Wearing them helps you stand out in a crowd, but it's important to pair them with understated styles to maintain a professional, polished look.

Why Is Less More?

The key to rocking this unique style is to dress your tights around your entire outfit. In other words, the goal is to show off a long and lean figure by maintaining consistent colors and patterns. Avoid matching bright tights with a brightly colored outfit - otherwise, it's too much.

To achieve this, wear different shades of the same color together. For example, pair lavender tights with a deep plum-colored dress. Consider wearing light blue tights with a navy blue dress. Try gray tights with a charcoal-colored dress.

Top everything off with a timeless pair of black pumps for a cohesive look.

Black pumps

Pair Them With Fun Clothing Patterns

You aren't limited to monochromatic styles, either. Have some fun with the help of trendy clothing patterns like plaid, stripes, or polka dots.

Consider picking one color from a plaid dress or winter shorts, and accentuate that hue with your tights. A burgundy and black plaid dress with long sleeves can look stylish with a black mid-waist belt, burgundy tights, and black pumps.

A Fashionable Part of Your Wardrobe

The contrast between brightly colored tights and black pumps can emphasize the vibrant look of your tights, but you need to prioritize comfort in addition to fashion-forward style. Our beautiful collection of black pumps are not only gorgeous, but they also keep your feet comfortable thanks to our patented nanoGel® technology.

The unique technology consists of two layers. One layer absorbs the shock from walking while the other layer redistributes foot pressure. This provides your feet with a level of comfort other black pumps simply cannot match. A less stressful strut means a longer, more enjoyable stride.

Women who have worn our black pumps have deemed them fantastic, beautiful, comfortable, and classic. Want to get in on the action? Shop all pumps to find some kitten heels and high heels that complement your bright tights.
Neletha Skelton
Neletha Skelton

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