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On The Go: How to Walk Properly in Heels

by Umesh Khaitan November 12, 2016

On The Go: How to Walk Properly in Heels

Comfortable heels

High heels give women a sense of confidence that no other shoe type does. And because they're so fierce, they can do some serious damage to your feet. From bunions to nerve pain, walking in traditional high heels can be a source of persistent foot problems -- that is if you don't walk in them properly (and if you aren't wearing comfortable heels from UKIES).

The way you walk in high heels should be different from all other shoe types, including shorter heels. We can't stress this enough! Fierce shoes require a fierce walk -- a walk which will preserve the health of your feet for an enduringly confident stride. Let's cover the ways you can do this!

Shop Smart

You may love to "shop till you drop" when it comes to your shoes, but buying high heels at any time, from anywhere, isn't the best approach. Buying a pair of high heels, even if they're comfortable heels, simply because of their cuteness doesn't cut it either. One thing you may not have considered is that timing matters when it comes to shoe shopping.

It's best to shop during the mid-day. This is when your feet have garnered enough strength to walk in high heels properly -- unlike earlier in the day -- but they're not swollen like they would be at a day's end. Shopping mid-day ensures that you'll be buying high heels which suit the authentic shape of your feet.

Straighten Your Posture

Did you mother ever tell you to stop slouching and straighten your back while growing up? You might have found this annoying, but it turns out your mother was onto something. Good posture is necessary for strutting your stuff the right way in high heels.

While walking in heels, it's ideal to keep your back straight so your steps are balanced. You're less likely to trip, and less likely to experience abdominal, back, or leg strain.

Tighten Your Leg and Core Muscles

You know the pressure that high heels put on your body is fierce, particularly for your core and legs. Keeping muscles in these areas tight as you walk can help you withstand the intensity. Contract your core and leg muscles so you can walk with strength. Bonus: this also contributes to good posture!

Engage in core and leg workouts to keep these areas in tip-top shape, making it much easier to strut. Yoga or Pilates are good workout options to build strength and relieve excess muscle tension -- add to the equation a pair of comfortable heels, and you are good to go.

Comfortable heels


Take Small, Rhythmic Steps

How big are your steps in high heels? Perhaps too big! While you're wearing these stylish shoes, you might feel compelled to take longer strides. You may love the way long, graceful strides make you feel like a top model exuding power as she walks down the runway. But taking smaller steps in high heels is the better choice. Small steps will give you more control over your motion, minimizing the risk of falls or ankle injuries. Shorter strides also place less strain on your feet, back and legs.

Ready to practice these wonderful tips in a pair of our comfortable heels? Our high heels are made with nanoGel® technology to absorb shock from walking and even out the pressure on feet. Go ahead and shop all pumps to find comfortable high heels that suit your style perfectly!

Umesh Khaitan
Umesh Khaitan

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