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Planning Your Summer Getaway? Don't Forget Your Comfortable Shoes!

by Emma Hurst November 12, 2016

Planning Your Summer Getaway? Don't Forget Your Comfortable Shoes!

Are you planning a summer getaway? If so, it's important to pack the right shoes so you can stay comfortable and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Choosing the right shoes is crucial for supporting the health of your feet. But you don't have to sacrifice good style to achieve comfort. You deserve to confidently wear comfy, fashionable shoes - even heels - for any summer adventure.

It can be difficult finding ways to wear stylish shoes for every summer occasion. Luckily, it is not at all impossible. Whether you're walking down the Las Vegas Strip or dining at a top restaurant in Manhattan, dress comfortably and look good. Put to use the effective tips below for wearing comfortable heels, flats, wedges, pumps, or boots for every summer getaway.

Sightseeing and Shopping in the City

Sightseeing and shopping are wonderful ways to capture the cultural essence of any city you visit. Of course, these adventures require a lot of walking. Whether you're heading into Atlanta or Las Vegas, or taking a tour in the Florida Keys, it's important to dress cool for the summer heat. If it gets too hot when you're walking, step inside a nearby facility to cool down.

It's also a good idea to bring a light jacket on your tours just in case you step foot inside a chilly restaurant or clothing store. Avoid wearing wedges or high heels as they put too much pressure on your feet when walking long distances. Opt for a casual pair of UKIES flats for a stylish look and comfortable feel. Our patented nanoGel® Technology will keep your feet comfy all day, no matter how extensive your sightseeing excursion.

Family Picnics and Romantic Dinners

Picnics and dinners are fantastic options for spending time with loved ones on the beach. They make for great staycation options, too. These occasions call for a bit more thought about what to wear. Opt for cute sundresses or maxi dresses with earthy colors. As for shoes, a comfortable pair of flats may be best for a trip to the beach. This way they won't sink too deeply into the sand. If you're attending a backyard get-together, a classy and beautiful pair of UKIES wedges can do the trick.

Boots help keep your feet protected at crowded music concerts.

Nightclubs and Bars

Turn up the fun when you head to nightclubs and bars. Since you'll likely end up on the dance floor, you'll want to wear comfortable heels. Avoid choosing flip-flops or tennis shoes, as they're not fit for the luxurious nightlife scene. Instead, opt for heels that are dressy and attention-grabbing. Try a pair of UKIES pumps. Don't go for a casual look that will fall flat. Stand out with beautiful (and comfortable) heels and a bold party dress, or dark jeans and an alluring top. You'll be comfortable and confident as you dance the night away!

Summer Concerts and Festivals

The summer wouldn't be complete without concerts and festivals. These events call for a little more comfort, especially when outside. If you're heading to an outdoor festival, opt for a cute tank top and shorts. Pair your outfit with a nice set of comfortable flats. Prefer to beat the heat and attend an indoor music concert in an air conditioned venue? Wear a colorful shirt with a pair of skinny jeans. Don't forget to put on a cozy pair of UKIES booties so you don't get cold toes.

Looking for more comfortable heels with nanoGel® to wear to any occasion? Find the perfect fit with our Fit Guide, and enjoy stylish, affordable, comfy shoes.

Emma Hurst
Emma Hurst

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