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The Best Wedding Shoes Every Girl Needs To Know About

by Kavita Khaitan August 30, 2017 1 Comment

The Best Wedding Shoes Every Girl Needs To Know About

The Ukies guide to pain free comfortable heels for weddings – for everyone from the bride to the guests.

A wedding is a special occasion that absolutely calls for comfortable high heels. Spending all day in stilettos is a scary thought for many of us, so comfortable wedding shoes are necessary if you’re going to survive this social outing gracefully.

A wedding is one of few social occasions where almost every woman regardless of age feels the need to wear a heeled shoe, even if you do not normally wear high heels. This means that some of us will be out of our natural comfortable zone, wearing shoes we aren’t used to, and often suffering for the decision.

As anyone who has attended a wedding knows, they can be a very long day, or is some cases several long days. If you’ve ever felt exhausted as a guest imagine how tired the bridesmaids feel, or the mother of the bride, or the bride!

Ukies shoes use special technology to make high heels extra comfortable, so comfortable you can even wear them all day at a wedding.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to comfortable heels for weddings, for every woman in attendance no matter your role!

If you’re the bride:

This is your big day, one of the most important in your life. You’ve got the dress but now you need the heels, and wedding shoes present a big problem for many brides.

If you’re not used to walking in heels the fear of walking down the aisle in front of your closest friends and family can be terrifying. There’s the fear of tripping, of ripping your dress, of breaking a heel – the list goes on.

A high heeled sandal with an ankle strap is your best friend in this situation. The ankle strap will ensure your shoes stay on and offer stability, while a thicker heel makes for easier walking and holds you steady.

The Tutu Light Gold Snake Napa Is a gold high heeled sandal which is comfortable for a wedding while giving you some glam with the metallic finish.  The straps will keep you secure throughout the day and night so they’re perfect for a bride who is nervous of walking or dancing in heels.

If you’re taller or the same high as the groom then the height of your heel will be a big consideration. It’s annoying for the ceremony and photos if the bride towers over the groom, so you may be looking for a pair of lower, but still chic, wedding high heels.

The Ukies Phyllis,   in nude patent or pewter mirror napa, is the ideal low heel for the bride. This is a modern look heel perfect for a contemporary wedding. The patent nude is a classic look to match a chic simple dress, or the pewter offers that touch of glam to your heels. The kitten heel is just 2 inches high and comfortable and easy to walk or dance in.

If you’re the bridesmaid:

The bridesmaids play a big role in most weddings and will be standing up for much of it. These are your best friends and you don’t want them to be in pain or need to change to different shoes later in the day. Bridesmaids need comfortable wedding shoes, which is why Ukies patented Nano Gel Comfort Technology makes Ukies the perfect choice for bridesmaid shoes. The shock absorbing layers will help your girls stay comfortable in their heels all day, ready to serve even the most demanding bridezilla.

The Phyllis is a great choice for tall bridesmaids if the bride is shorter than her bridesmaids. Many brides would like to achieve a more even height to her bridal line photos. In this case the Phyllis is a great choice for taller bridesmaids as they can still wear pretty heels but also feel comfortable. A bridal party can look gorgeous and coordinated with the bride in the Pewter metallic version of these heels, and the bridesmaids in nude patent.

Black heels or nude heels are often the shoes of choice for bridesmaids.  These colors are versatile and easy to match with several dress colors. If the bridesmaids are paying for their own shoes it is often considerate of the bride to go for a black or nude high heel which can be worn again on other occasions.

The Marine, in black or taupe nappa,  is a classic pump that’s a simple and chic choice for comfortable bridesmaid’s shoes. The three-inch heel works well with both full length or cocktail dresses but is a comfortable height for most women. If you’re looking to match your bridesmaid shoes to the dresses then this classic heel comes in a variety of other popular colors including navy and burgundy.

If you’re the mother of the bride or groom:

The Mother of the bride or groom is an important figure at any wedding, and will often find herself almost as busy at the bridesmaids, if not more so! A comfortable heel for weddings is an absolute must if you want to survive your child’s big day.

Mother’s of the bride or groom may want to match their shoes to a hat, and Ukies shoes offer a variety of different colored comfortable high heels.

If you’re not used to wearing heels then comfortable wedges can be a chic choice for Mothers. The suitably named Queen https://www.ukies.com/collections/comfortable-womens-wedges/products/queen-nude-patent comes in nude or black which will match almost any outfit.

If you’re a guest:

If you’re a guest you are still an important part of this big day, but your comfortable heel options are less strict than the bridal party. You have the freedom to be as tall or as short as you like, so you can choose between a kitten heel or a comfortable three inch pump.

For outdoor weddings, a comfortable wedge heel is the way to go. Wedges mean you won’t be stuck pulling your stilettos out of grass, or worse mud. A patent or leather wedge heel is the way to go if the weather isn’t ideal.

A pretty summer sandal https://www.ukies.com/collections/sandals often looks gorgeous with a cocktail dress, so comfortable sandals are often favored by wedding guests. The ankle strap helps keep you steady and comfortable all day long, from standing to dancing.

The thought of wearing heels all day at the wedding need not be daunting, comfortable high heels for weddings can be found. As a parting tip remember to always break in new heels before a big event!



Kavita Khaitan
Kavita Khaitan

1 Response


August 30, 2017

Really great guide, it can be so uncomfortable at a wedding when you’re wearing bad shoes!

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