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The Big Debate: Why Everyone Is Talking About Heels in The Workplace

by Amanda Haxton October 20, 2017

The Big Debate: Why Everyone Is Talking About Heels in The Workplace

Here is what we all need to know. Around the world, women’s high heels have become a hot topic in 2017, and not just in fashion magazines, but in politics as well, as a comment on social change and women's empowerment.

Suddenly our favorite accessory is in the spotlight around the world as several countries discuss banning dress codes which dictate women must wear heels in the office.

Around the globe, many women will be seen with a pair of stiletto high heels under the desk ready to be slipped on or off when no one is looking. In commuter cities the corporate suit and running shoes look is often seen in the mornings, but the heels come out as soon as they hit the office.

We love a high heel, especially one as comfortable as a UKIES high heel which can easily be worn all day at the office without discomfort.

However, many workplaces in the world have dictated that it is mandatory for women to wear heels to work, even if they were not comfortable styles or if the women were not comfortable in heels. This led to petitions in many countries seeking to ban sexist workplace ‘dress codes’ which state women must wear high heels.

Debate has raged across the world, from the Europe to Asia. Government level bans were raised and enforced in the Philippines but rejected in the United Kingdom. 

Choosing comfortable work shoes helps minimize the risk of issues like hammertoe, bunions, and calluses, allowing for a pain-free and productive workday in the office, which should be encouraged by employers. 

Women should have the choice to wear either heels or beautiful flat styles with the same levels of ‘smartness’ as men’s styles. For example, UKIES have several fashionable styles which are inspired by a classic Oxford style shoe – which is considered smart footwear for men in the office.

UKIES shoes use Nanogel technology which gives them extra comfort, we also use a lower and thicker heel for our high heeled styles and design all our shoes for comfort.

Women can choose between flat styles in the workplace or comfortable high heels with shoes from UKIES:


Lace Up Oxford Casual Shoe in Black Patent Leather

The Andrea Black Patent is a great example of a shoe which is smart for both men and women and extremely comfortable as it uses UKIES patented NanoGel technology.

Our loafers, such as the Bianca in black nappa, are another smart choice that look great with a pant suit or skirt and blouse.

The Leona is a smart ballet shoe with detailing inspired by a brogue and made with very professional Italian leather.


Many successful women at the top, like Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, decide to wear heels - even when, by comparison, Mark Zuckerberg dresses very casually.

If you decide you want to wear heels to work or are still in a workplace that demands it, then UKIES heels are the option that’s both stylish and comfortable for your feet. Our comfortable work shoes can help you eliminate stress on the back and balls of your feet. It doesn't matter the height of the heel. You can get the same life-saving effect when wearing  a pair of kitten heels or  three-inch pumps

Block Heel Slip On Black Dress Shoes

The Paloma in black napa has a sturdy heel so you don’t need to worry about tripping and can easily walk between meetings or commute. This is a very professional style that’s also super stylish. It’s also available in navy, black and white and eggshell.

The in-between option is a beautifully crafted wedge. Unlike beach styles, the UKIES Queen wedge is a beautiful leather design that looks very smart in the office and can be worn all day with no discomfort.

Low Heel Dress Flat Shoes in Mettalic Leather

There are lots of options out there for women in the workplace, at UKIES we’ve designed our shoes to be comfortable regardless of the style you choose to wear.



Amanda Haxton
Amanda Haxton

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