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The Great Debate: Comfortable Flats vs. Heels

by Emma Hurst November 12, 2016

The Great Debate: Comfortable Flats vs. Heels

You scored a date with someone you've admired for a long time. It's a few hours before your date arrives, and you're trying to get ready. You've got rollers in your hair. Your outfit - a stunning black dress - is laying on your bed ready to be worn. Now, you're trying to decide on shoes. It's a hard choice because you want to look your best while being comfortable enough for all the walking you'll do on the date. After taking a look at your shoe rack, you can't decide whether to wear stylish heels or comfortable flats. With an hour left before your date, which do you choose?


Should I choose chic heels or comfy flats?

Heels: A Fashion Statement of Power

Heels are a beloved shoe type for women around the world. They evoke a sense of authority and power, which serves women well in a professional setting. It's all about the extra height! Adding a few more inches to your stature can make you feel more confident and empowered. In other words, these shoes make you feel like you're a force to be reckoned with.

Outside the workplace, a beautiful pair of heels commands attention, making women feel desirable and approachable. Heels also convey a sense of maturity. Wearing them can make you feel attractive and fashion-forward.

Flats: A Laid back Approach to Style

Flats are perceived as the shoes you turn to for comfort. They're the kind you pack in a purse or bag to pull out later when heels put too much pressure on your feet. Women generally don't look to these shoes as a go-to option for a chic, fashion-forward look. For some women, comfortable flats give the impression that they're younger than their actual age.

For other women, comfortable flats serve as a presentable pair of shoes that don't give off too much va-va-voom, making them perfect for anywhere and everywhere. They're good enough to wear when dropping kids off at school, shopping for groceries, meeting friends at a local cafe, and being productive at work.

Clash of the Heels and Flats

Clearly, both kinds of shoes have their perks. But a growing number of women are choosing comfortable flats over fierce heels. The main reason for this is the pain that many heels can cause.

They can shorten your Achilles' tendon and cause pinched nerves. Furthermore, they can prematurely age your knee joints, leading to osteoarthritis. Keep this in mind when you decide to wear high heels that are three and a half inches or higher. But it wouldn't be fair to not mention the dark side of flats. Flats can be damaging to feet, too. The flatness of these shoes doesn't support the natural arches of feet. In return, feet become uncomfortable from the strain they endure, and ongoing problems can occur.

UKIES heels suit me just fine.

Get Great Style and Comfort at the Same Time

Now, back to your date. You've dressed, applied makeup, and finished prepping your hair. As you walk back to your shoe rack, you remember the pair of UKIES heels you bought three months ago. UKIES are different from traditional heels. These stylish shoes are designed with nanoGel® technology, which significantly reduces the pressure on your feet, so you can sport three-inch stylish heels in comfort.

You pull them out from the back of the shoe rack and put them on. Seeing them with your outfit in the mirror makes you feel confident and beautiful. You find that they're even more comfortable than some of the flats you have worn. The doorbell rings, and you hurry downstairs for a night of fun. Painful shoes aren't stopping you!

The mission of UKIES is to help women realize they don't have to sacrifice the powerful look of heels for comfort. We offer a wide selection of beautiful heels that provide lasting comfort, whether you're commuting to the office or dancing the night away. And if you prefer comfortable flats, we also have several options available. Contact us to learn more about our mission and our unique nanoGel® technology.

Emma Hurst
Emma Hurst

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