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The Most #Comfortable Ballet Flats Ever to Support and Protect Feet

by Kavita Khaitan September 27, 2017 1 Comment

The Most #Comfortable Ballet Flats Ever to Support and Protect Feet

Women have appreciated having a comfortable flat shoe in their wardrobes as a staple ever since Audrey Hepburn made the ballet flat chic.

The ballet flat and the women’s loafer are two classic styles which make great comfortable flat shoes for women. Finding one that is truly comfortable is a treasure.

High heels may always hold the number one place in the hearts for some, but at times a comfortable flat is just the simplest girl next door kind of shoe option. With colder weather approaching a pair of simple comfortable flats is the perfect shoe choice, warmer and more practical than sandals . You may wear these as much as your winter boots.

Looking for comfort in shoes has lead women to love sneakers, but we agree most of us can’t get away with them in the office or for more dressy day-to-day occasions. For a sharper image comfortable designer flats which fit well can be very chic. Ballet flats or loafers are a great alternative, comfortable enough to wear all-day but smart enough to team with a suit or chic dress for any occasion. Choose the best for yourself. Look sharp and feel confident.

Made iconic by Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn, the ballet flat is also favored by modern fashion icons such as Alexa Chung and  Leandra   Medine .

Loafers  have been seen  less  frequently  in recent years but the style exploded back on the fashion scene and has recently been seen on the likes of fashionista Olivia Palermo and Sienna Miller.

Both the ballet flat and the loafer are extremely versatile,  comfortable flats and  can be  worn with everything from shorts, jeans and tailored trousers or feminine skirts and dresses.

However, as these styles have grown in popularity  the quality of  loafers and ballet flats has begun to differ drastically from one shoe brand to another, meaning not all flats  are made  equal when it comes to comfort.

UKIES  flat shoes use quality leathers and materials and use  nanoGel  technology so you  can be  comfortable on your feet all day.  UKIES  flats are the  ultimate  comfortable flats made with technology and designed specifically for comfort.

Here are three flat styles that are trending  right now :

Silver Ballet flats with gel support

A menswear-inspired ballet flat

Sometimes the best styles in women’s fashion take inspiration from classic menswear shapes. The  UKIES   Leona  shoe is a cross between a men’s brogue style and a women’s ballet flat. Crafted of the finest Italian leathers the Leona is a fashion forward yet practical shoe that is a go-to style for the office or with jeans. The Leona  is updated  with menswear-inspired  kiltie  detailing as well as our signature  UKIES  emblem. Try the silver version to make an eye-catching statement. Pair with ankle slacks or cuffed denim for a casual yet put together ensemble while on the go.

Burgundy Ballet flats with tassels and short heel

A classic black ballet flat

The sensibly sexy  Lara is a classic ballet flat with chic bow detail. Rising slightly above the ground for a more comfortable fit than flimsy versions, this half-inch stacked heel has ultra-cushioned soles for all-day comfort and support. A black ballet flat really does go with every type of outfit. But they do look fantastic with skinny jeans and a crisp white shirt for work. If black isn’t for you, this comfortable classic is also available in burgundy, navy, and nude.

womens snakeskin loafers

A reptile loafer

Reptiles and snakeskin are always in vogue with the fashion set, naturally, we no longer use the real version. But for snakeskin loafers that look like the real thing try the leather  Bianca Python Embossed Loafers. The new trendy loafer, the Bianca boasts minimalist styling paired with a low heel. With nanoGel technology you can be comfortable on your feet all day. Beautifully handcrafted in Spain. This sartorially savvy style is also available in A cognac nappa, pearlized gold nappa or black nappa.





Kavita Khaitan
Kavita Khaitan

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October 01, 2017

Love the snakeskin

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