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The Only Black Shoe You Will Ever Need

by Kavita Khaitan September 05, 2017 1 Comment

The Only Black Shoe You Will Ever Need

You may have heard of wardrobe clothing staples, but have you thought about your staple footwear? Comfortable black heels are the shoe that’s a must have when building your fashion essentials.

Wardrobe staples, often called a ‘capsule wardrobe’ allow you to cover many outfits and occasions with a limited number of items, saving money, space and time.

You will often hear the saying ‘invest in classic items’ and this sentiment is perfect if you’re building your wardrobe staples. It’s easy to buy lots of cheap throw away items just because they were on sale, or in fashion for five minutes. Inevitably these items pile up in your closest, not fitting, damaged or quickly out of style. When you add up the cost spent on throw away shoes you will realize it often ends up more expensive than investing in a few classic pairs of black heels.

Investing in classic items may seem more expensive to begin with, but quality classic items can be worn again and again so the cost of the item divided by number of times worn is very low.

Classics must stand on their own, but also work together when building a capsule wardrobe. A classic, comfortable black high heel is the footwear that works with everything else in your staple wardrobe.

Build your wardrobe with the basics and then add or remove a couple of items every year or season so you can mix classics with new items to remain contemporary. Depending on your location and weather you may need to add some items, such as scarves and coat, or dependable black boots for the winter.

The Modern Woman’s Basic Capsule Wardrobe:

  • Classic white tailored shirt
  • Classic cut jeans
  • Black leather belt
  • Black leather handbag
  • Little black dress
  • Pencil skirt
  • Classic white T-shirt
  • Tailored blazer
  • Denim or leather jacket
  • Comfortable black high heels
  • Black cardigan
  • Black tailored trousers

Looking at the list of basics you will notice a lot of black, and with good reason, black really does match with everything.  Your comfortable black heels will go with everything on this list.

Team jeans and a white tee with black heels for a perfect casual but chic look for low key socializing, brunch or shopping. A pair of classic heels can even elevate a casual look so that this outfit would pass in many work situations.

If your workplace is a little more formal swap the T-shirt for the tailored shirt, pencil skirt or black tailored trousers and you’ll have a chic working woman’s outfit. Paired with the classic accessories of comfortable black heels and a black handbag you’ll be armed for any meeting.

Take the pencil skirt, white t-shirt and denim jacket and match with black high heels for a chic look worthy of any fashion blogger.

Throw on your little black dress, comfortable black heels and blazer for formal networking, then remove the blazer for the after-party dancing.

You can see how easy it is to create multiple, low stress outfits with just a few simple items in your wardrobe. No more gazing at the drawers in despair and saying you have nothing to wear.

The key to many of these items is comfort and practicality. To wear heels everyday may seem daunting but with a classic comfortable pair of shoes you won’t even need to think about your feet.

The technology in Ukies shoes allows you enough comfort that you can stand up and present for hours at a meeting, run around after your kids or dance the night away.

If you’re choosing just one pair of comfortable black heels for your capsule wardrobe here are the best styles to buy:


The Phyllis kitten heel from Ukies is the ultimate wardrobe staple. It’s a low 2-inch black heel that’s comfortable enough for most occasions, and comes in a choice of black nappa, black patent, black fabric or black suede so you can choose a style that suits you and your lifestyle. Kitten heels never go out of style so they’re the perfect investment item.


The Classic Pump:

The Marine is perfect if you’re looking for a slightly higher, classic pump with a sturdy heel. Even with a 3-inch heel this Marine pump is still super comfortable thanks to NanoGel technology which redistributes foot pressure and absorbs shock from the ground as you walk.

The Timeless Stiletto:                               

INSERT IMAGE: Mariah-U3418N001-black_2_8650bd4e-bae5-41c3-b269-4c313341ab76_1200x.jpg

The Mariah is another 3-ich heel which is still comfortable enough for everyday wear. A classic black stiletto heel like the Mariah will take you from office to party without any need to change.


The Reliable Wedge:

If you lead a very active lifestyle then even the most comfortable high heel may not be practical for your day to life. In this situation swap heels for classic black wedges like the Queen style, available in black nappa or patent. This sling black wedge still looks chic enough for any occasion and will work perfectly in your capsule wardrobe.

By investing in the basics, you will find you have more time and less stress when you get dressed the morning. One comfortable pair of black heels will see you through any event.










Kavita Khaitan
Kavita Khaitan

1 Response


September 08, 2017

I find wardrobe staples so handy, it saves me a lot of time in the morning.

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