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Top Four Style Icons, Step in their Shoes

by Kavita Khaitan October 10, 2017 1 Comment

Top Four Style Icons, Step in their Shoes

There are some enviable women who manage to stand all day in heels and never look flustered or uncomfortable. These women in the public eye are graceful and make looking stylish so easy. They would never be seen slipping their heels off under the table or carrying a spare pair of flats. These women have invested in quality chic heels to match their lifestyles.

Here’s our list of the women who make looking good so easy with comfortable heels.

1.         Kate Middleton

Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge has long been envied for her fabulous fashion sense, refined elegance and of course her great hair. The British princess has a chic style that  is tailored  and refined for a woman in her  position . But if you follow the royals you will have noticed that her job involves a lot of standing up, there’s a lot of standing around at processions and walking in handshaking lines.

Kate is often seen in a pair of trusty nude pumps. She wears them so often she’s sometimes criticized for being ‘thrifty’ but we know that when you find a great pair of shoes you want to wear them every day. Everything the Duchess wears on  public outings sells  out in seconds, so we’ve got a great alternative so you can copy Kate’s style and stand all day in your heels like the royal you feel you are.  UKIES   Mariah in nude patent  is a near perfect match to Kate’s version and has extra comfort with  Nanogel  technology.

Nude Soft leather Pumps Cushion Insole

2.         Michelle Obama

The former First Lady is known for her great arms and chic style which often incorporated accessible brands. Like Kate, Michelle has to go to a lot of events that involve standing around and walking in the public eye. For woman at her level it’s imperative that there are no trips or awkward walking, so comfortable heels are a must have. Like Kate Michelle is often seen in a classic pump, but she also plays around with different styles. Michelle has some signature looks that were seen multiple times at outings during her time as the First Lady. She often favors an ankle strap which gives her some extra security when walking in heels, the UKIES  Tango in Navy Suede  is a Michelle worthy style that you can wear all day.

Low Heel Kitten Pumps


3.         Anna  Wintour

Of course, women in the political world like Kate and Michelle need classic chic styles  appropriate  for their roles. But fashion mavens like Vogue editor Anna  Wintour  also know the value of a comfortable pair of heels. Despite having every style of shoe in the world available to her, Anna  is seen  wearing a classic Nude  strappy  sandal  time and time again  at a number of events. Like her signature hairstyle, Anna has recognized that when you find a comfortable shoe that works you must embrace it. We think the  UKIES   Tango in  Taupe  Suede  is a great match so you can look as good and feel as comfortable as the women who sets trends around the world.

Red Pointed Toe Leather Shoes

4.         Amal  Clooney

The high-profile human rights lawyer and partner of Hollywood star George  Clooney  has become as known for her wardrobe as for her work in recent years. But when it comes to the courtroom she’s like any other woman in the corporate world, struggling to look professional and stay comfortable during a long day. Amal plays with lots of different designs in her private life, but at work when she needs  to be  comfortable she almost always opts for a classic black pump or a low heel shoe with a pointed toe.  UKIES   Paloma in Black Suede  is the perfect shoe for women in a high-profile work environment. It shows you’re not someone  to be  messed with, but still has a bit of fun with the design so you can express your creative style like Amal. Living in London where it’s often raining, Amal can also be seen pairing this look with black tights, a perfect match for colder weather.

Block Heel Suede Captoe Bow Detail Shoes

You  can be  as comfortable all day as these stylish women, by investing in good quality, comfortable shoes.



Kavita Khaitan
Kavita Khaitan

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October 10, 2017

Love Kate’s style so much

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