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What Makes UKIES Heels so Comfortable?

by Neletha Skelton November 22, 2016

What Makes UKIES Heels so Comfortable?

Our collection of comfortable heels is highly praised among women who wear them. We go the extra mile to ensure our shoes display impeccable style and extraordinary performance. Therefore, we want women to take pride in any purchase they make with us.

We have dressy shoes that can keep up with your professional needs in the workplace. And we have casual shoes you can travel the world with or dance the night away in. For example, one of our customers was looking for a pair of heels to wear for her Las Vegas trip.

She wanted to wear something super stylish without hurting her feet when sightseeing at night (on foot). Fortunately, she was satisfied with her purchase from us. Besides providing her with comfortable heels that support her feet, she considered our shoes fashionable and well worth the price.

There's nothing like a satisfied customer! Women like her have inspired us to share with you the unique features that make our heels comfortable. Sit back and enjoy!

Technology Never Looked so Stylish

One of these amazing features is our patented nanoGel® technology. This technology possesses a dual-layer design. We pride ourselves in the shock-absorbing and pressure distribution system we apply to each pair of comfortable heels.

One layer absorbs shock as you move about. The other layer redistributes foot pressure from within the shoes. The combination of material in our shoes is even used in football helmets, so you know you're getting great protection.

In addition, we add 100 percent antimicrobial Coolmax® fabric to keep feet dry, cool, and odorless. Nobody likes sweaty, smelly feet. Our technology reduces strain while energizing your legs and feet throughout the day.

Indulge in Luxurious, Soft Leather

Our selection of comfortable heels wouldn't be complete without European-inspired craftsmanship. Many of our shoes are designed with luxurious, soft Italian leather that will knock your socks off.

As a result, walking in our shoes is easier on the feet than walking in typical shoes you can get from other brands. You're not restricted to rigid leather that scrapes or tears easily.

Our comfortable heels aren't the only shoes that possess this awesome feature. You can enjoy this fabulous leather while wearing our flats, wedges, or platform shoes -- in dressy and casual styles.

Our Signature Shoe Design has the Wow Factor

We organize all the layers of our comfortable heels in a special way to ensure you get maximum support. The shock-absorbing material is the closest layer to the ground, which makes walking in your heels more comfortable.

The next layer of nanoGel® technology emphasizes comfort, giving you more of a cushioned feel. After this, the antimicrobial Coolmax® material is added to keep your feet moisture-free. All these layers complete our signature design that is sure to please.

You deserve healthy, happy feet

Healthy, happy feet should be a top priority, don't you agree? You don't need to put up with bunions, nerve pain, and bone disfigurement in order to wear stunning shoes. Fashion and fatigue don't belong together.

Ready to take a stand against painful women's shoes? Look no further! Feel free to shop all pumps, and find a pair of comfortable heels that make your day - for years to come.
Neletha Skelton
Neletha Skelton

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