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Comfortable Women's Booties

Comfortable Women’s Booties

For the woman who likes boots but doesn’t want bulky footwear, there’s the mid-height bootie. UKIES booties offer exceptional style without ever compromising on comfort. From the office to the happy hour, these comfortable women’s booties fit any scenario, letting you wear one pair of shoes through the day and into the night. UKIES offers a few styles of booties that will match your wardrobe perfectly. Read More...

With a rich, classic color selection, UKIES booties are the ideal footwear to match your fall and winter attire. They are made by craftsmen in Spain with high-quality material, including Spanish and Italian leather and suede in addition to crepe fabric and calf hair. Match them with leggings or denim for a complete look that also keeps your feet warm.

Why are UKIES comfortable booties the perfect day-to-night shoes? It’s in the sole. Our patented nanoGel Comfort Technology is a dual layer of padding that keeps wearers comfortable for hours on end.

There are three layers in every UKIES sole. The first is moisture wicking, antimicrobial Coolmax layer, which is also found in high-end athletic shoes. Then, there is the nanoGel dual layer system. One layer absorbs shock from walking on hard surfaces, while the other distributes your weight more evenly, taking pressure off of the heels and balls of your feet.

By absorbing shock and redistributing pressure, you can remain in UKIES for hours on end with no discomfort. Together, these layers create some of the most comfortable booties on the market. Learn more about this technology by watching this video.

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