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Comfortable Women's Casuals

Women’s Casual Shoes

Our collection of comfortable women’s casual shoes includes a variety of popular styles to choose from. With classic designs, you can find the perfect casuals for you. In addition, we are constantly adding new styles to our collection to keep up with the latest trends. You’ll never feel left behind when you shop with UKIES. Read More...

UKIES casuals are perfect for your day off when all you want to do is relax, or for an exciting night on the town with the girls. They go well with jeans or leggings, matched with a spunky blouse or even a T-shirt. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to find how UKIES casuals fit in with your wardrobe!

How do we make such comfortable women’s casual shoes? The secret is in the sole. Our patented nanoGel Comfort Technology utilizes the latest science to keep your feet cool. UKIES shoes feature Coolmax fabric in their footbed lining, an antimicrobial fabric also found in high-end athletic shoes.

In addition, the dual-layer pressure redistribution and shock absorbing system means you won’t get that 4 o’clock foot ache. This patented nanoGel design both distributes foot pressure away from the heel or ball, while also absorbing the shock that comes from walking on hard surfaces. This shock absorbing material is the same that is used in football helmets.

Every pair of UKIES casuals is made in Spain with only the highest quality materials, including Italian and Spanish leather and suede. Learn more about the nanoGel Comfort Technology in our women’s casual shoes with this video.

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