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Comfortable Women's Wedges

Women’s Wedges

For women who love the height of pumps but do not like the idea of a narrow heel, wedges are the perfect solution. UKIES wedges offer stability and style, and a perfect for the office or having a fun night out. With the soft suede and leather design, UKIES comfortable wedges match perfectly with slacks, denim, skirts, dresses and nearly any other other outfit. Read More...

Every pair of wedges from UKIES is handcrafted in Spain with the highest quality materials. Spanish and Italian suede and leather are used for optimal quality and modern style. But it’s not just our craftsmanship that sets our footwear apart. The secret to UKIES comfortable wedges is in the sole.

In every pair of shoes from UKIES is our patented nanoGel Comfort Technology. This revolutionary multi-layer system ensures you are comfortable all day, whether you are leading meetings or enjoying a day at the local museum. The nanoGel layer provides constant weight redistribution away from the heels and balls of your feet. At the same time, the ground impact is absorbed by the same material used in football helmets, featured under the nanGel

The top layers of the insole include our antimicrobial Coolmax lining which keeps your feet cool, dry and odorless. In addition, the special suede sock lining prevents your feet from sliding forward. All of these layers combine to create the most comfortable wedge you’ve ever worn. Learn more about our nanoGel Comfort Technology by watching this video.

Cute and Comfortable Heels With Gel Insole