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Comfortable Women's Flats

Comfortable Women’s Flats

Stylish and comfortable women’s flats are the perfect finish to nearly any outfit. They can be an ideal replacement for pumps at the office, while also being versatile enough to wear on a date or an evening out with the girls. Whatever outfit you wear with them, UKIES flats provide an understated yet stylish look. Read More...

Every women’s flat we sell is handcrafted in Spain for optimal quality. We use only the best materials in every shoe we manufacture. This includes Italian and Spanish leather and suede, as well as other materials like calf hair and crepe fabric to give our footwear a modern, chic look. However, it is more than these high-quality materials that make UKIES flats some of the best on the market. The secret is in the sole.

What makes the stylish and comfortable women’s flats from UKIES stand out from the rest is our patented nanoGel Comfort Technology. This multi-layer system creates the most comfortable pair of flats you will ever wear. It all starts with luxurious, soft Italian leather. Then, a layer of antimicrobial Coolmax fabric, the same that is used in high-end athletic shoes, wicks away moisture.

Finally, our nanoGel dual layer shock absorbing and pressure distribution system take the strain off the heel and ball of the foot. What results is a flat with 300 percent less peak pressure than any comparable footwear. Learn more by watching this video.

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