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What Makes UKIES Different

nanoGel® layers

Patented nanoGel® Technology

The secret behind UKIES’ comfort is in the patented nanoGel® technology. Our nanoGel® design is a dual layer shock absorbing and pressure distribution system. One layer works inside the shoe to redistribute foot pressure, while the other layer absorbs shocks from outside during walking. This is the same material used in football helmets. We added the same 100% antimicrobial Coolmax® fabric found in high-end athletic shoes to keep your feet cool and dry.

The Science Behind Our Patented nanoGel® Design

How UKIES nanoGel® technology makes your shoes comfortable.

UKIES nanoGel® reduces stress on your legs with our shock absorbing technology. The supportive yet giving design of our gel reduces the impact that feet normally feel with each step. Your legs can stay energized through a long day of walking in shoes.

UKIES nanoGel® redistributes your foot pressure. Our nanoGel® is placed in a free floating form over a shock absorbing layer that molds its shape and keeps the pressure distributed evenly in the shoes. When your step is not creating strain on one focal point, your feet can handle a continuous stride.

UKIES nanoGel® can revitalize your feet. Ergonomically designed nanoGel® insoles are built to harmonize perfectly with your foot. Every UKIES shoe has anti-microbial insoles with a moisture wicking lining to keep your feet odorless and dry.


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