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UKIES is a European-inspired brand that focuses on delivering
affordable, high style, Italian leather shoes while
refusing to compromise comfort.

Comfort vs. Style

We set out to solve the question women have asked themselves for generations -- how am I going to get through the day in these shoes? Historically, women have foregone comfort for stylish shoes. At UKIES, we spent two years in research and development to ensure that women no longer have to make that choice.



Women lead busy lives so shopping for shoes should be easy and fun. We’ve designed a high quality collection that embodies the fashion sense of empowered women everywhere. By curating the collection to take you from AM to PM and beyond, we’re putting the excitement back into finding the perfect pair.


The secret behind UKIES’ comfort is in the patented nanoGel® technology. Our nanoGel® design provides two layers of shock absorbing material which lessens the ground impact that comes from walking and helps to redistribute body pressure. We added the same 100% antimicrobial Coolmax® fabric found in high- end athletic shoes to keep your feet cool and dry.


UKIES is a privately-held, family-owned business dedicated to excellence at every level. From design to manufacturing and customer service our mission is to improve the quality of your life -- one stylish, comfortable shoe at a time.

Walk this Way
Cute and Comfortable Heels With Gel Insole