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UKIES is proud to offer a One-Year Limited Warranty on all UKIES footwear. UKIES reserves the right to inspect any shoe to determine if a no cost repair or replacement is a viable option. If you should experience any defects in materials or workmanship, simply return your shoes to:

8534 Siempre Viva Rd.
San Diego, CA  92154

Customers are responsible for the inbound shipping charges.  We recommend USPS flat rate shipping. Check rates here.


If your shoes meet the limited warranty requirements, we will ship shoes back to you at no additional cost along with a 40% off certificate good towards your next UKIES purchase.

If, after inspection, your footwear is not covered under the One Year Limited Warranty,  you will be contacted with payment options for repair or replacement.  If you have any questions please call our toll free number 1-877-349-SHOE (1-877-349-7463)


UKIES One-Year Limited Warranty covers the following:
  • Stitching
  • All hardware—eyelets, hooks, buckles and ornaments
  • Quality of leather—inconsistencies resulting in premature wear patterns
  • Attachment of soles to upper and of components of soles to one another
  • Durability of outsole—will not deteriorate, crack, or split under normal wearing conditions


The following are NOT covered under UKIES One-Year Limited Warranty:
  • Material failure caused by excessive wear, unreasonable use, exposure to caustic chemicals, extreme heat, alterations, or abnormal wear related to occupation
  • Stitching or hardware failure due to being caught, hooked, snagged, or other abnormal wearing accidents
  • Leather not properly treated to keep from drying out
  • Separation of soles or sole components due to being caught, hooked, snagged or cut
  • Normal wear on soles or heels due to individual wear patterns, or heavy wear associated with occupation
  • Poor fit
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